About Reel Castle

Reel Castle is not just a portal or website, it's a Dream of those Artists who want to enter the "Glamorous World" It has always been a difficult task for the Casting Agencies to find a good and suitable Artist for their projects, and simultaneously very risky, lengthy and difficult process for the Artist too, for finding the right Casting Agencies in the Industry. Seeking the dates and venue of Auditions has been the biggest hurdle in the path of success.

For Career makers: Casting Directors/Directors/Producers/Music Directors/Editors/Choreographers & Cinematographers

Reel Castle enables the Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, and Financers to interact with each other and also the Artist from the different areas and arenas of India. Going to places and conducting auditions at several parts of the world as per the requirement of the character in a project has always been a lengthy and expensive mode of searching an Artist.

Just to shorten the process and making it cost efficient Reel Castle has come up with a solution where Career Makers can find all kind of Artist from various region of India, where they get Artist of different looks, language, structure and accent as per the requirement of the project, having a huge access over the database of the Artists, Reel Castle enables you to seek and search your required Artist by sitting at one place.

For Artists: Actors/Models/Dancers/Singers/Musicians/Camera Man/Graphic Designers

At Reel Castle your journey of entering Glamorous Word and becoming an Artist becomes easier, as you get various types of Membership Options suiting as per your requirements. You also get an opportunity to chat with different Career Makers from the various arena of Industry, where you could get guidance and right process from the registered genuine Career Makers.

Being an Artist going to Mumbai for struggling has always been very risky and expensive way for making your career in the wonderful Glamour World, Reel Castle understands your pain and risk, here you get an opportunity to showcase your art and talent to a vast database of Career Makers, which enable you to seek better opportunity for your career by sitting at your place and city. Reel Castle makes you aware about the upcoming auditions from various part of India for various projects.

We also help you to make your professional portfolio form top class professionals of the Industry.

What We Are

Reel Castle is the Complete and Affordable place for Job's Information, Casting and Personal Website Service for Artists and Casting Professionals in India. You're An Actor/Model/Singer/Dancer/Musician/Graphics Designer?Start A Free Trial Today!

Looking For an Artist(Actor/Model/Singer/Dancer/Musician/Graphics Designer) ? Start Searching Now in only one of its own kind of the Complete and Affordable Jobs Information, Casting and Personal Website Service for Actors and Casting Professionals in India.

Our Group Profile

I say : I believed that the Internet's power would replace everything in this world. I believed that the Internet would be another world for human-being. That's the reason SS Group was established in March, 2009. SS GROUP crews has been committed to bringing the power of the Internet to everyone across the globe with an innovative and quality products. We are specializes in creating a customized and easy-to-use solution for Internet use.

Whatever the project, our approach is always consistent with high quality outcome, within clients' budget and delivered on time. We know best how to tailor all the process to fulfill your needs. Whether your project involves new feature or renovation, our experience and resources can meet your challenge. This make SS Group creative design always appreciates by our clients.

SS Group, partner with the best and most skillful developer from different industries (computing programmer, Website designer, animation creator, Internet consultant). To provides a reliable plus High-Quality and Unique services that would be our clients' satisfaction. Our support crews are experience to guide our clients through the process of getting on the Internet.

We provide the guideline and education for every project. SS Group - India Web Services continually developing new features and tools that take the difficulty out of creating, promoting and having a Website.

Group Companies Updates

*New  SSGroup - Dealing With Government Projects for making India Digital By NDLM.

*New  Ahavah Store Pvt Ltd. - is about to Launch Online shopping store Shortly

*New  Reel Academy - Special Training For Dance & Acting in our Reel Academy.

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